rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Four, Day Seventeen

The first day of October didn't seem very Octobery, but it least it wasn't Augustan. We get three more days of bright sun and then the clouds start to move in, bringing cooler temperatures and moderate chances of rain. Soon, any leaves that haven't been burned yet will start falling. In the mini-metropolis, that will be quite a few. The town is packed with deciduous trees. I won't have to rake any of them. The bush that covers the fence in my back yard loses leaves, as does the grape vine, and the poke weeds, but I don't rake those. I just squirt them up against the cement wall with the hose and let them rot into the dirt. I should probably get a shovel and did them into the dirt, but buying a shovel is the sort of thing I never remember to do.

I've been out of several things for several days but still haven't gotten around to pestering a nephew to make a store run for me. The niece who usually does that for me is out of town, with a couple of aunts from her mom's side of the family. Since I need to do major shopping toward the end of this week maybe I'll just wait until then. I do miss having a chunk of chocolate at bedtime, though. When the nights start growing quite chilly at the beginning of the week I might substitute a cup of cocoa with a shot of brandy in it, but for now I'm just having those terribly sweet Three Musketeers mini-bars and offsetting the sweetness a couple of squares of stale dark chocolate I bought at Grocery Outlet about a year ago. It's a bit pathetic, and I'm in danger of feeling very sorry for myself, which would be even more pathetic.

Since my brain isn't doing anything these days, I'm still letting it watch all the YouTube videos it wants. Tonight it's been wanting to watch David Lee Roth, who just announced his retirement. This is the first time David Lee Roth has ever been retiring. About anything. But he does look old. When guys almost a decade younger than me look old, I think maybe I should think about retiring. Then I remember. Oh, yeah. Well, go get that lush Social Security money, Dave! Before you forget.

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