rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Four, Day Twelve

I got some bad news Sunday evening. My older brother had a stroke Saturday night and is in the hospital. The doctors think he is unlikely to recover, as he is unresponsive and they expect he will slip into a coma and die within a few days. He has been taking medication for blood clots for a few years, and has had a couple of operations on his legs to remove blood clots (thrombectomies) so this is not unexpected. Still, it's distressing, and I'm sadder than usual tonight.

I'll probably be doing a lot of remembering over the next few days, but I'm not ready to write anything about it yet. Right now I'm just watching YouTube videos of music we used to listen to when we were kids. He is eight years older than me. Eight years is a pretty long time when you are a kid, so we had rather different lives then, but eight years doesn't seem so very long when you are old.

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