rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Four, Day Nine

It was autumn all day Thursday, but didn't feel much like it. I slept through most of it, of course, but even late afternoon when I woke up was still unpleasantly warm outside, and the air conditioner was more active than it had been for a few days. There was also a distressing hint of smoke in the air toward evening, but it didn't last too long. Speaking of air conditioning, my utility bill arrived and it is below fifty dollars this time, down almost fifteen bucks from the one that arrived in August. Another reason to love autumn, even if it isn't as autumnal as I'd like.

It was still sandwich weather at dinner time, but a few days from now I could be cooking again. The oven might even be usable soon. I've got a frozen lasagna, and some fish that I'm looking forward to baking. First I'll have to get some bread that's suitable for making garlic toast. I've been thinking about onion soup, too, with cheese melted under the broiler. Oh, pie fresh from the oven! I've missed the cold weather foods.

I've also missed the cold weather birds, and was a bit disappointed that no flocks of ducks or geese flew over tonight, at least while I was outside. The flock that came by a couple of nights ago was probably a fluke. A fluke flock. It is awfully early in the year for them, of course. It was nice to be reminded of another thing there is to look forward too, though. It's been a really, really long summer, and I'll be pleased to see it go.

There's nothing else I can think of to say. Perhaps I'll get to sleep before sunrise today. I wouldn't bet on it, though. And perhaps I won't get any spam phone calls waking me up today. I won't bet on that either. But at least it's going to be a full degree cooler than Thursday was. Baby steps.

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