rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Four, Day One

There was orange juice for the first time in a couple of weeks Wednesday morning, and then a chocolate cupcake for breakfast. Later I had to deal with a fly who got in and didn't want to go back out. Usually they will land on me and stay put long enough for me to reach the back door and go outside with the fly still clinging to me, but this one kept flying back into the apartment as soon as I opened the door. It seemed to prefer the air conditioned room to the hot outdoors. I can't blame it, but it was annoying. It finally accompanied me outside after about ten tries.

The remainder of the day was spent mostly in digging up information about old movie theaters in trade journals on the Internet Archive. Nothing interesting was happening in the 21st century anyway, aside from forest fires and pandemics and such, so there was no point in hanging around here. Later I caught up with this century by watching some recent music videos. Quite a few musicians spent their lockdown time writing new songs, and now the videos are being released, so there's lots of new stuff right now. Weirdly, a lot of it is dance music. Maybe they were fantasizing about what they couldn't do.

My back yard rat hasn't visited in the daytime for a couple of days, but I've been hearing it at night. It clambers noisily around on the fence and rustles the leaves of the bushes, but it's too dark out there to see it, even with the porch light on. I think it might be nibbling the grapes that are too high up for me to pick. There are quite a few up there. One of my nephews was supposed to come and pick them, but he hasn't, so if he doesn't want them the rat might as well have them. It's better than letting them go to waste.

The bulb in my kitchen ceiling light has burned out, and I don't trust my sense of balance enough to attempt to change it, so I've been making my sandwiches by the spillover light from the dining area and the small table lamp I've got on the kitchen counter. It's not idea but I can live with it for now. If the nephew would get over here and harvest those grapes he could change it for me. I don't think the rat knows how, and the landlord would probably disapprove of my letting a rat into the apartment anyway, no matter how handy it was.

I got started on this entry late because I let the phone battery die again and had to wait until it was charged to get the update page open. Now it's past my bedtime, or the time I ought to have been in bed, since I don't have an actual regular bedtime anymore. When (if) I wake up today it ought to be a few degrees cooler than it was Wednesday afternoon. I'm still looking forward to Sunday, when it will be 75 degrees with a 58% chance of rain. That will be worth getting up for.

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