rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Out

Tuesday I got to the bank at last, and I hope I won't have to go again for two months. There was also a stop at one supermarket, where I acquired all but four of the items on my list. It's probably just as well I didn't go Monday, as then they had loaf cakes on sale at two for $5, and I surely would have bought them along with the variety of baked goods I did get, including cupcakes and two kinds of donuts. I'd have been stuffing myself with cakey foods for days. I also bought asparagus, corn, tomatoes, bread, and two kinds of beer, plus orange juice and grapefruit juice. There were other things, but I can't recall them at the moment. I'll recognize them when I eat them.

This shopping trip was less exhausting than the last one, even though I spent quite a bit more time in the store. After thinking about this for a wile I realized that last time I didn't have a drink before going, an this time I'd just finished lunch, with which I had a glass of rum and Squirt (Coke has caffeine, and I don't like to get wired before I go out.) Back in the 1980s I almost bought a hipflask that was on sale at The Broadway Downtown. Now I'm thinking it would have been a wise purchase. Or maybe not, as I surely would have forgotten it when I fled the burning town. It would be nice to have some booze handy when I have to go somewhere, though.

There's supposed to be a cooling trend for the next four days, which will be welcome. The chance of rain next Sunday is up to 44%, which is promising (though only if the storm brings no lightning.) Even a fairly wet storm is unlikely to extinguish the stubborn fires. It occurs to me that it's been several days since we've had firefighting planes operating out of Chico airport. The Dixie Fire has grown so long from north to south that Chico no longer provides the best base of operations. The northern end of the fire is probably being attacked from Redding airport, while the southern part is most likely being dealt with from Reno, Nevada. I rather miss watching them fly over.

As I said, Tuesday's shopping trip was less exhausting than the previous one, but it was exhausting enough, and I'm ready to sleep now. The fact that I haven't had a chiropractic adjustment in almost three years is quite noticeable now. My neck is very unhappy in almost any position anymore. I think I'll have to ice it for a while tonight. Maybe I can stay awake long enough for that.

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