rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Three, Day Eight

Monday I had another of those situations where I wake up too early and then can't get back to sleep. But this time it wasn't my brain having the zoomies that brought it on. It was my feet and ankles. They kept itching, and I have no idea why. Possibly the clean socks I'd put on had some detergent residue in them, but none of the other clean clothes I'd put on after my shower caused any itching. Are my feet more sensitive to such things than the rest of my skin? Hell if I know. Anyway, the itch was so persistent that I couldn't sleep and finally got up at half past ten in the morning, after a mere four hours of sleep. The itching stopped within a few minutes, but by then I was wide awakeish.

When out of orange juice, as I am now, I usually drink a bit of red grapefruit juice with a dash of lemonade. But now I'm out of grapefruit juice too. Plain lemonade doesn't seem like a good breakfast drink. It's clear I must acquire more orange juice. I also need to transfer some money at the bank. That means I'll probably go out today, and have arranged tentative transportation. It's gotten to the point where walking around in the store is exhausting, but it's best when I pick stuff out myself, so I'll make an attempt. Maybe I ought to learn to drive one of those electric senile citizen grocery carts the stores have now. I suspect it would take longer, though, and I like to get in and out of stores as quickly as possible. What they need is some sort of cross between a grocery cart and a stand-up scooter. What were those things called that people kept falling off of? I don't feel like Googling for it. But combined with a shopping cart it would probably be safer. At least for the person using it. Everybody else just watch out!

Today is going to be the peak of the current heat wave, at 98 degrees. Next Sunday is predicted to reach only 78. It also has a 28% chance of rain. I'm not holding my breath but it sure would be nice, as long as there's no more lightning. The following week we'll be back in the eighties and nineties, which is rather depressing when you consider that September 22 is the autumnal equinox. The forecast predicts a high of 88 that day. Ah, fall! The season when the gray ashes from the burning forests settle over everything! How I've missed it!

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