rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirty-Three, Day One

Labor day, huh? Well I fooled them. I didn't do any work at all. Unless taking the wheelie bin out to the street can be considered work. I didn't consider it work myself. It was more like the only exercise I got all day. There wasn't even any mental labor, as far as I can recall, since I'm pretty sure I didn't have a single thought all day long, nor all this night. What are the odds I can write an entire journal entry without having a single thought, thus preserving my record? Perfect! I do it all the time!

It's unlikely I'll be having any thoughts today, as it's supposed to get up to 104 degrees, and what's left of my brain will surely fry. The next thoughts I have will probably not appear until Friday, at the earliest. The high will dip below 100 that day, but I might need another day or two after that to fully recover, or recover as much as I ever will.

At the moment my neck has grown temperamental, and keeps seizing up. It might be tough to get to sleep. When I do get to sleep I expect that my hair will grow temperamental, as it has for the last couple of nights. I keep puling the covers up over my head in my sleep, and something about the fabric causes my hair to go frizzy. I keep waking up looking like I could be Ed Sheeran's grandfather. I blame the draft from the air conditioner for the unruliness of both hair and neck. I'll be glad when summer is over and I can leave the machine off. Did I mention that before? If I could think I'd think I did.

Sneezing has returned, and I don't know why, since late summer is not really pollen season, that I can remember. Maybe it's just accumulated dust in the apartment. I've forgotten yet again to buy a new filter for the HVAC unit. Having only a broom and mop for cleaning and no vacuum leaner might be a factor as well. Maybe someday I'll get some 20th century technology for the place. Or at last one of those filters. But not until my brain recovers, after the heat waves are over.

Yawning. That could set my neck off. I should try to sleep now.

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