rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Thirty-Four

Monday my niece went to the stores for me, and now I have strudel fingers and donuts and cupcakes and Fritos and popcorn and also a little bit of actual food. But while I have a newly ample supply of sparkling water, the store was out of the beer I wanted, so I'm still stuck with my limited supply of eclectic beers (five bottles and seven cans.) I'll need to go to the bank next week, so I'll probably pick up some sort of beer then, though it probably won't be the bargain the beer they were out of today would have been.

Staying home while someone shopped for me allowed me to follow the fire news on the Internet. The Caldor Fire burned another 10,000 acres Monday on its way toward Lake Tahoe. Evacuation was ordered for the town of South Lake Tahoe (population 22,000) and surrounding areas. The photos of bumper-to-bumper traffic on narrow roads hazed by smoke was familiar. Douglas County Nevada on the eastern shore of the lake has been placed under an evacuation warning. Containment of the fire actually declined Monday, as windblown embers started spot fires beyond the lines. The wind is supposed to diminish today, so maybe the fire can be re-contained and the houses in the area saved.

The wind is also shifting around and will be coming from the southeast, which means we will probably be getting some of the smoke around here again. Monday wasn't exactly clear, but it wasn't very bad for the mini-metropolis. Citizens who enjoy breathing were undoubtedly delighted. I was not entirely displeased. The afternoon was hot, but evening gradually cooled once the sun had gone. Stars would have appeared, had the city's lights gone out, but the electricity that powers the lights also powers the air conditioner, so I was content to do without stars. Life requires a few compromises.

Soon I will go to bed. When I wake up I will have orange juice for the first time in over week, and then half-and-half to go in my iced tea, and a chocolate cupcake to go with it. Luxury! Life is goodish, if you don't live around Lake Tahoe.

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