rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Thirty-Three

Sunday brought something of a temporal catastrophe, as I didn't wake up until half past four in the afternoon. Such things are always distressing. The distress was compounded by the fact that something has been causing me to sneeze frequently since evening. Maybe it was the dust stirred up by sweeping. It isn't smoke, as there hasn't been any down here close to the ground, though the sky has sported a brownish yellow haze of it. We probably won't be getting any today either, as there is a warning of strong westerly winds through Monday, which means the smoke will be headed into Nevada again.

The westerly winds are bad news for Lake Tahoe. The Caldor fire reached the Sierra at Tahoe ski resort Sunday afternoon, and if it can't be stopped there it is going to make its way into the basin proper. Evacuation orders or warnings are in place for the region south of the lake. It could get very bad up there over the next couple of days. Although the summit is very rocky, providing less fuel to the fire, it won't stop windblown embers from crossing to the other side and starting spot fires.

Things will be duller here (I hope.) I've made arrangements for my niece to pick some things up at the stores for me. I would go myself, since I need to get to the bank soon anyway, but I'm unlikely to sleep any better tonight than I did last night, and am thus likely to be useless for any activities as complex and tiring as shopping this afternoon.

There goes another sneeze. Maybe I should add tissues to my shopping list.

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