rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Twenty-Seven

I got through Monday with music. It's probably mostly the music that's keeping me alive right now. Infusions of YouTube. Monday was heavy with Annie Lennox and Shirley Manson, and also some New Order, Bach, and Barber. Since I have to watch my bandwidth consumption, I'll usually play a piece several times, as it stays on the hard drive after you listen the first time. In the last hour I've listened to Annie Lennox's "Cold" about five times, and will listen a couple more times before I go to bed. It's good bedtime music, at least for me.

Monday was also another low-smoke day. Lower winds blowing eastward sent the smoke mostly into Nevada. The fires didn't expand as rapidly, either, though containment on the Dixie Fire is still only at 40%, but the Caldor fire has finally reached 5% containment. Eastward wind also means that that fire is headed toward the Tahoe Basin, which would be quite unfortunate. It is one of the state's most scenic regions. Mark Twain, in fact, once called Lake Tahoe "the fairest sight the world affords." It would be considerably less fair should the forests around it burn.

But it's a bit cooler, and the upcoming triple digit highs in the forecast have been reduced to two, plus the nights are now all predicted to get below seventy for the next two weeks. The humidity has been increasing, too. Today it's going to be 42%. That should help with the fires, even if only a little bit. Summer is not over, but it's been noticeably less summery for the last few days, and the respite has been nice.

I just tired to remember what I ate for dinner and couldn't, so I had to go look at the dirty dishes. It was a grilled cheese sandwich. That was actually the last of my bread, so I'll have to see if I can get someone to pick me up a loaf, and a few other items, as I don't plan on any actual shopping again for a couple of weeks. It's very annoying that food gets eaten and then has to be replaced. It would be so much better if we could get nourishment from just looking at it. It would last much longer, and I'd only have to shop for beer.



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