rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Twenty-Four

Sleep has gotten very strange. I wake up several times, and think thoughts I think profound at the moment, then realize they aren't, and then I go back to sleep. Finally I wake up and feel very anxious, which keeps me awake, but also very sad, which makes me not want to get out of bed, and so I lie there another hour or so, letting the two fight it out, until I have to pee really bad, and then I get up and the day starts. It's a life, sort of. It was certainly Friday.

The smoke was not bad Friday, but somebody was doing laundry all afternoon and the smell of the detergent and softener and such was bad enough that I almost could have wished for the smoke instead. The laundry finally ended about sunset, and the air got cooler, and for a while it was nearly pleasant, but then the smoke got stronger again, though not strong enough to make me miss the laundry chemicals. It's possible that it never will.

The Dixie Fire has topped 700,000 acres, and has destroyed over 1,200 buildings, and is 35% contained. The Caldor Fire is still about 1/10 of that, but remains completely uncontained despite over 5,000 personnel assigned to it. It's in a very rugged area. The number of news articles about the fires being published seems to be on a downward trend, though. Google search results are showing more and more that are days old, but fewer new ones. I guess we are getting blasé. Another 40,00 acres burned today? Too bad. How are the Giants doing?

At least my headache went away as the smoke cleared, though my sinuses are still suffering the aftermath. And at lest I didn't lose track of the day of the week (no Sunday Verse this Saturday morning.) Also, it was cool enough that I had a fairly large dinner which, sadly, has not pleased my stomach. It is no longer accustomed to such things. I'll try not to abuse it tonight, though what I'll not abuse it with I don't know. At the moment I don't even want to think about food. Except my bedtime bit of bittersweet chocolate with almonds, of course, but then that isn't really food. It's more of a ritual sacrament. You know, just in case I die in my sleep. So far, no such luck.

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