rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Twenty-Three

The highs are getting lower, and Thursday afternoon the heat was almost less than miserable. It was actually just about normal for the season, and I would have enjoyed it if not for the smoke, which is still playing havoc with my sinuses, which are in turn playing havoc with my ears, especially the right one. Tonight the smoke has diminished a bit, though not enough that I can open my windows and take advantage of the blessedly cool night air. Well, I suppose I could, since the apartment already stinks of smoke from being saturated with it for the last couple of days, but I'm hoping to get to sleep soon, and I'm afraid I'd forget to close the windows and then would wake up to a hot, smoky room.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, which will be only 84 degrees, with a low that night of 59. Why, it will be almost like September already! The next triple digit highs are not predicted until a week from today, though it will warm up close to that late in the week. But right now we're looking at three days in the eighties starting Saturday, and I intend to enjoy the relative coolness, smoky or not. It would be nice if the fires wouldn't expand as rapidly as they have this week, but we might not get that lucky. Another 11,000 people were given evacuation orders Thursday.

Up for too many hours, and smoke is exhausting, so must go to sleep. The orange moon must be setting by now.

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