rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Twenty-Two

As far as smoke goes, Chico has run out of luck. There are now fires to the south, and the daytime winds this time of year tend blow their smoke this way. A fire got started in Lake County Wednesday afternoon, and now we get smoke from that one as well as the one in El Dorado County. The Lake County fire, called the Cache Fire is still quite small, but erupted near the town of Clearlake and spread rapidly into a mobile home park, where it incinerated about four dozen houses. It also burned right up to the edge of an elementary school, but forward movement of the fire has been stopped.

The Caldor Fire in El Dorado County has grown so rapidly that some crews are actually being transferred there from the Dixie Fire. The Caldor fire is only a bit more than 60,000 acres but has zero containment, while the Dixie Fire, though having burned through more than ten times the area, is at least 32% contained. We're getting to the time of year when nocturnal winds can blow west down the mountains, and about 200,000 people live in areas the Caldor fire could reach if strong winds blow it westward fast, so it has become sort of a priority.

The Dixie Fire is still a threat to Susanville, but authorities have decided that it is safe to repopulate the small town of Chester on the shore of Lake Almanor. The fire burned around Chester on three sides, but was kept out of the town itself. The hot spots nearby have been mopped up, so Chesterites can go home to their little undevastated island in a see of ruin, with lake views. I don't know what they'll do there, though, since the summer tourist season is unlikely to happen this year.

So that's today's weather report from the apocalypse. In other news, I think I heard the mockingbird Wednesday afternoon. It only let out two different songs, very briefly, then fell silent, but I'm pretty sure it was him. As I recall, last time he vanished for a few days it was during the last really hot spell. Maybe there's a cooling center for birds somewhere and he heads there. It's supposed to get slightly cooler for the next few days, so maybe I'll be hearing more of him. That is if I can stand to go outside. This smoke is really taking a toll on my sinuses, and that is messing with my inner ears. Since the smoke can now come from almost any direction, that's likely to continue for the rest of the summer, and maybe well into fall.

The moon was so orange tonight!

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