rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Nineteen

Wait, was that Sunday? I almost lost track of Sunday again. Brain cells boiling away in the 108 degree heat. Today is supposed to be only 104. Tuesday we'll be back down to double digits, and Tuesday night the nocturnal low will be back down into the sixties. Since August is half over, maybe we won't get another one of these heat waves, or if we do it might be milder and not last as long. I'd be delighted not to have triple digits again this year, but we probably will at least a few times.

The decline in temperature also means a shift in the winds, which could bring bad news about the fires. The winds have been variable and unpredictable lately, but they are now likely to get stronger and blow pretty steadily toward some inhabited (but evacuated) areas. So far the Dixie fire hasn't killed anybody, despite having consumed over 570,000 acres and destroyed over 1,100 buildings. It could take quite a few more buildings over the next few days, and fighting it is about to get even riskier than it has been. But only about five weeks of summer remain, and there's always that slim chance that early autumn could bring some significant rain. It's been years and years since that happened, but it has happened before. Maybe we'll get lucky. For a while.

This afternoon I realized that I haven't heard the mockingbird for quite a while. It could be that he's just hiding out from the heat, but I haven't heard him at night either, when it is closer to cool. Maybe he finally found a mate, and maybe she just didn't want to stay in this neighborhood. I couldn't blame her. That freeway gets pretty noisy.

I haven't heard my crickets for a few weeks either. But at least that roadkill smell I had in the back yard for several days seems to be gone. I guess whatever was making it rotted away to nothing. Sort of like my brain. This has been a pretty sad and stressful summer all around. Except for the grapes the vine in the back yard has given me. The grapes have been pretty good. But I still wish I could find a casaba.

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