rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Eight

When I woke up at one o'clock in the afternoon I still felt tired, so decided to try to go back to sleep for another hour, but it didn't work very well. I dozed a bit, off and on, but remained mostly awake for the next two and half hours, my brain wandering through myriad ideas and images and odd notions (and perhaps a dreamlet or two, but couldn't tell the difference), all of it seeming engaging and pertinent at the time, but all of it soon evaporating in forgetfulness. At last I became so hungry that I had to get up to eat something. Had it not been for my stomach I suspect I'd be lying in bed still, gathering and losing wool.

Of course the thing I ate was my breakfast donut, and then I went out to the back yard with a glass of iced tea and sweltered for about ten minutes before retreating to the air conditioned apartment and the Internet. I don't recall what I did n the Internet much more clearly than I do the couple of hours of mental maundering I did in bed, so I can't say if I enjoyed it any more or indeed at all. Later I watched a bunch of YouTube music videos from Garbage. Shirley Manson always cheers me up (she who is only happy when it rains.)

No rain for California of course. The Dixie fire was whipped up by some wind from the south and jumped some of its containment lines. Over a period of about three hours Wednesday afternoon it devoured most of the small town of Greenville, southeast of Lake Almanor. There wasn't a lot of activity from Chico airport today, so the firefighting planes must have been grounded by smoke in the fire region itself, as there wasn't much smoke here. If the winds continue, the slightly larger town of Chester, at the northwest corner of Lake Almanor, will probably be the next to go. It has been evacuated since Tuesday.

Also on Wednesday afternoon a new fire got started in the region northeast of Sacramento, in Placer and Nevada Counties. It rapidly expanded to 1400 acres, and the nearby railroad town of Colfax has been evacuated. If the wind continues blowing northward, this fire could reach the venerable gold rush towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City, which combined have a population of about 16,000. The pair of adjacent towns have been there for over 170 years, and it's really a miracle they haven't been burned out during that long time. Both towns grew fairly large early in their history, and both are loaded with historic buildings. Both are also surrounded by areas with very expensive rustic estates, so a major conflagration in this region has the potential to be even more costly than the destruction of Paradise was. So far there's no information about how the fire started, but given their track record PG&E seems a likely culprit.

The next few days should be interesting for California, in an Armageddony sort of way.

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