rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Seven

The sky seemed an oddly deep shade of blue Tuesday afternoon, and free of both smoke and clouds, but as I looked at it longer something seemed a bit off. There were faint smudges in it, I realized, barely noticeable but definitely there. It must have been smoke, very high up and widely dispersed. Several firefighting aircraft passed over the neighborhood in the afternoon and early evening. They had been grounded due to poor visibility for a couple of days, but apparently the smoke going higher has cleared the lower elevations enough to let them fly again.

I don't know about later today though. There was no smell of smoke all afternoon, but after nightfall it began to be noticeable, so it must be collecting at lower elevations again. The Dixie fire is up to 254,000 acres, and more evacuations have been ordered around Lake Almanor, including the towns of Chester and Greenville. Only about 60 structures have burned so far, but over 12,000 are threatened. It's only about 35% contained, so it has the potential to get pretty ugly.

In back yard news, a video I saw on the Internet has revealed that the big, jungly plants I've gotten out there for the last two years are phytolacca— nothing but poke weed! I won't be making poke salat with them, but I suppose I could, if I had the patience to boil them three times, and could remember how many times I had boiled them. The birds sure love the berries, though. For me they are the plants that make it harder for me to reach the grapes my vine has produced in such abundance this year. If I'm here next year I think I'll thin those poke weeds out a lot early in the spring, so the grape vine will get more sun and so I can reach the grapes more easily.

Since I woke up around half past two Tuesday afternoon and haven't had a nap there's a chance I'll get to sleep before sunrise today. It's supposed to be 101 degrees here today, but the nights have gone back to being fairly cool, so I'll have something to look forward to. It's about 65 right now, and Wednesday night is expected to bottom out at 62. That will be something worth staying up for.

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