rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-Two, Day Three

Somebody sucked the middle out of Friday. Oh, wait. It was me! I had another of those midday naps, and though I don't recall when it began (I have the feeling it was before noon) I do know that it ended after six o'clock in the evening. That left very little daylight in which to not do the myriad things I didn't need to do. But it was irritating anyway. The closer to sunset I wake up, the unhappier I am. And why the hell have I been sleeping so much for the last few days?

No idea. But Friday evening also brought more smoke. For a while it was so thick that I expected ash to start falling, and I wondered if a new fire had gotten started nearby, but it turned out to be only the same fire we already had. So far I've seen no ash from this one. Ash can be rather disturbing, since sometimes you can tell what it was that was burned, and sometimes it is clearly of animal origin.

Tonight the smoke has gradually diminished, but it could return later. The abundant smoke Friday was partly the result of major backfiring operations aimed at interrupting the advance of the fire, which has now consumed 240,000 acres. As the fire moves into the islands between its front and the burned out areas that have been backfired, it will burn itself out. Then it will be just a couple of weeks of mopping up and suppressing any spots that flare up. This is of course assuming that no spot fires jump the backfire perimeter. If it works, and if no new fires get started, it's possible that we can have a few more smoke-free days. But then it's still July, and we've got the entire rest of the fire season (extending into November in recent years) to get through. I suspect we haven't smelled the last of it.

Hot weather continues, but there are no triple digit highs in the ten day forecast. There are also no highs below 94. So, terrible but not utterly horrendous. How monotonous. I'll take it.

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