rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Out

Tuesday I was not at my best, but I still went out and made a bank deposit (ATM) and shopped in a couple of stores. My niece had picked up a few items for me from two other stores earlier, so I have quite a bit of stuff on hand for the next few weeks. As usual, I failed to get everything on my list, and forgot to list some things I've since remembered, and on impulse bought a couple of items not listed. It happens. I'll get over it.

The trip left me tired, even though we are in the trough of the current heat wave and the day only got up to 90 degrees. It was overcast and somewhat muggy, and there were even a few scattered raindrops, though they didn't stick around. I managed to keep going for a few hours after getting home, but around nine o'clock began nodding off, so after a while I went in and took a nap. The nap ended up lasting until almost two o'clock in the morning. So my sleep schedule, which was sort of normal (around five in the morning until early afternoon) for a couple of days, is now going to be catawampus again for however long it takes.

Somehow I managed not to eat any of my newly acquired foods for dinner, and when I woke from the nap I just ate one of the chocolate cupcakes I bought and have been craving for a couple of weeks. Cupcakes are my new sad food. I eat them when I feel sad. I run out really fast. Then I have to revert to cookies as my sad food. I bought lots of cookies. I still might run out.

It's going to be August in a few days. My second-least favorite month. July of course is least favorite. Sometimes when I go out and get slapped by the heat I'll remember with astonishment how much I loved summer when I was a kid. It was because school was out of course, and I could do things like play in the stream from the garden hose on the lawn, and a couple of times a year even go to the beach, or to a creek in the foothills above San Bernardino where I could wade in the chilled water coming down from the mountains. Summers were long, lazy hours and neighborhood games in the evening as the streetlights came on. But thinking back I recall that even then I did not like the hottest days, and after they ended would lie in bed awake long hours at night listening to the house creak as it cooled down. That would make me very sad. I needed a lot of cookies when I was a kid.

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