rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Thirty-One

Monday didn't get particularly smoky here, but by afternoon we could see the enormous pyrocumulus clouds hanging over the mountains. Reports say the air quality was quite bad in Paradise. I remember smoky summer days there. They were quite unpleasant. But they usually didn't come until later in the season. This year close to half a million acres has already burned and July isn't even over yet.

The day wasn't as hot as the day before, but the night is not as cool. I'll probably have the air conditioner running more tonight. Outside it is still balmy, and the mockingbird is still singing. I'm thinking o it a a lullaby tonight, as I'm feeling more tired than usual, and also I have arranged to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping tomorrow and want to get to sleep soon so I can wake up early. But first I'm going to have some popcorn, because al I ate for dinner was a lone tamale.

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