rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Thirty

Sunday morning I actually did manage to get to sleep before the sun came up, and then slept with only a couple of interruptions until about half past twelve in the afternoon. I woke up only moderately miserable (lower back ache, bloated stomach, sore shoulder) and found the day less than unbearably hot and the air stinking only slightly of smoke. Hooray? There was no donut for breakfast, of course, but I found chocolate chip cookies I'd forgotten I had, and they were not yet entirely stale, and there are more for today when they will be but slightly (perhaps unnoticeably) staler.

Later I picked a bunch of grapes from the vine in the back yard, and those, with a bit of cheese, were lunch. A lot of the grapes this year are much too high for me to reach, and I have no ladder of any sort. I'd rather not risk standing on a chair, with my poor sense of balance. I suppose I might be able to persuade a nephew to snip a few bunches off for me if he gets to keep a few too. There appear to be about dozen, but might be more hidden among the foliage. My eyesight is no longer good enough to be sure what's there.

I was considering a shopping trip, but haven't made arrangements. There is a brief window of not furnace-like opportunity today (though it's probably too late to arrange anything for today) and Tuesday. In fact Tuesday is supposed to get up to a mere 88 degrees— the first day below 90 in a few weeks. Immediately after that we go back to triple digits, with Thursday being the most hellish, at 105 (this could be revised upward.) The nights, sadly will all be in the seventies through Saturday. I can't wait for this summer to be over.

The Dixie fire is still growing, though a bit more slowly than it was. It has consumed close to 200,000 acres and 16 houses. As it is nearing some built up areas, about 7,500 people have been evacuated, mostly from around Lake Almanor in Plumas County. The fire was only 21% contained as of Sunday night. It's likely to get a lot bigger. A lot ofother people can't wait for this summer to be over either.

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