rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-Eight

Friday was swallowed by a dragon. I only smelled its smoky breath a couple of times as the wind shifted about, but up in the mountains it devoured another 20,000 acres. We couldn't see the pyrocumulus clouds from Chico because the sky was too hazy, but they were there. I slept through most of the day, but then despite the heat managed to get a three loads of laundry done. Then I made yet another sandwich for dinner, but had no potato salad to go with it, having eaten the last of it yesterday.

Today I will eat the last of the donuts my brother picked up for me last Sunday. I should probably shop Monday, an do a bit of banking, as there will be a very brief window of less hot opportunity when we drop back into double digit highs for a couple of days. After that we get much worse again, with hotter days and much hotter nights. If heavy smoke decides to visit us during that period, well, I wouldn't want to have stock in any life insurance companies with lots of clients in the valley.

I'll be getting to sleep too late again today, and thus waking up too late this afternoon. Assuming I wake up, of course. After all, my luck might change.

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