rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Twenty-Six

The entire middle of Wednesday vanished into sleep, except for a few minutes here and there when I woke up briefly being either too hot or, when the air conditioner was in its on cycle, too cold. The last time I woke was after four in the afternoon, and the window blinds had a hint of the brownish yellow color of the window shades in the room in which I took my naps until I was six years old. I hated the color of the light that came through those shades. It was depressing, and I was always sad at nap time. Wednesday the color made me finally get out of bed so I could leave the room and get away from it. The rest of the apartment didn't make me much less sad, though. This is being a sad summer.

Dinner was a sandwich again, with a bit of the potato salad I'm surprised hasn't gone bad yet since it has been in the refrigerator more than three weeks. There's still a serving left, and if that doesn't kill me when I get around to eating it I'll consider it money well spent. Anything inexpensive that I can eat without cooking or other preparation and that doesn't kill me is money well spent. I think I'll buy more.

The neighbors who were away for about a week are back, so I have to be a bit quieter at night and not turn the computer speakers so loud when watching music videos. I also think that the middle apartment is still vacant. The people I thought were moving in a few days ago were probably just guests of the people in the front apartment, and the things they were unloading from the little truck were probably going there.

Days are going back up into triple digit highs again, followed by warm nights. Oh, and yesterday was the Dixie fire's first week birthday. It's 91,000 acres old, an only 15% contained! Congratulations, Dix! So far this fire season has burned about three times as much territory as last season had at the same date. The only reason it hasn't been as smoky around here is because the fires have been mostly in the northeast corner of the state, and the prevailing winds this time of year blow east. The smoke has reached the Atlantic now. Hope you've been enjoying the lovely sunsets that used to be our trees. You're welcome.


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