rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Eighteen

Tuesday was hot, of course, but cooled fairly quickly once night fell, and now it is in the mid-sixties. Still enervated, I got nothing done but a bit of minor tidying and a whole bunch of video watching. I ventured a bit of microwaving and a bit of pan heating for dinner, preparing a tamale and a quesadilla-type thing which, given the weather, made an adequate meal. I also came to the end of my supplies of a couple of things, namely plain sparkling water (I've been going through that stuff incredibly fast since the heat began) and donuts. The substitute for donuts today will be cookies, and the substitute for plain sparkling water will be lemon flavored sparkling water. Thigs are not yet dire.

I remembered to water the back yard, so the plants won't die for at least a few more days. I've probably had enough water too, but one never knows. There are a few bunches of grapes on the grape vine, but I haven't sampled them to see if they are ripe yet. They probably are. I'll probably pick one later today. It's only supposed to be 97 degrees today. Thursday might be only 93. That's getting down into normal summer weather territory for these parts. Maybe I'll get a chance to do laundry. A couple of clean non-flannel shirts would be nice, in case I go somewhere. Around here I just wear sleeveless shirts, but if I go out I don't like to impose a view of my armpit cellulite on the world.

It's cooled off quite nicely outside, but the fan and open windows are not doing as much as I'd like for the apartment. It's still 74 in here, an dawn is not far off. I might have to use the air conditioner to knock a couple more degrees off of it before I can get to sleep. I'm very tired, though, and almost nodded off a couple of times earlier. Maybe the heat won't matter.

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