rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Seventeen

Well I've survived another day, but since it was a Monday it doesn't really count for much. Not that the other days are all that different from Monday in the life I have now, but Monday retains some ill repute even for the ancient. Monday forever carries the old baggage of back to school and back to work, even when school and the traditional work week are no more. And here, Monday is also the day I must take the wheelie bin out to the street for Tuesday's trash pickup, and that's exertion, and these days it's exertion in the heat. Of course today I'll have to bring it back in, but at least it will be lighter.

Dinner was a sandwich again, and potato salad, and thereby cooking was avoided and the soiling of dishes and utensils was minimized. Important, in these torrid times when even the hot water for washing dishes seems an affront. But at least the nights are once again coolish. I just spent half an hour sitting in the back yard, enjoying the soft, cool breeze that has lately risen. There is no smoke in it, despite a horrendous fire season that is underway (about five times as much land burned as on this date last year.) We have been lucky so far in the mini-metropolis, in that most of the fires have been downwind. I'm sure this luck won't last, so I'm enjoying the clearness and nocturnal coolness while I may.

I'm sort of semi-planning to shop this Friday, and might even attempt to find a plastic resin chair for the back yard, as at the moment I have a dining table chair out there. I'm not sure I'll go, though. I have enough foods on hand to get through a couple more weeks, and could always have my niece pick up a few things instead of going out myself. I really have very little energy these days, and I don't know if it's more due to the heat or due to age. A curious craving for butterscotch makes me suspect it's the latter.

Up way too late again. 100 degrees expected today. It's going to be unpleasant sleeping, even with air conditioning.

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