rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Sixteen

I think I was thinking thoughts all day Sunday but now I can't remember any of them. They might have been vaporized by the heat. I was so muddled that I didn't even eat my breakfast donut until six o'clock in the evening, about five hours after I woke up. I have no memory of eating dinner at all. It is a lost day. No, wait. There is one memory. Around ten o'clock in the evening, tired of staring at the computer screen and the walls, I went out into the still-sultry darkness and sat listening to the crickets for a while, and after a few minutes a cyclist went by on the bike path, playing a radio or recording device, and it was a jazz piece that seemed familiar to me but which I couldn't quite place. The saxophone was the solo instrument, but I don't know who was playing it. I've been trying to figure out what it was ever since, but with no luck. It seems a perfect metaphor for my life.

One other significant event occurred. My default browser, Opera, has a very useful feature called Speed Dial, which is a page that opens when the browser is botted up or when a new tab is opened. It has thumbnail images that are links to all the web sites I visit regularly, and a few that I visit infrequently but like to have handy, plus there is a Google search box. A few hours ago I opened a new tab and the Speed Dial wasn't there. There is just a copy of one of the other pages I already have open. I searched various forums looking for a way to get Speed Dial back, and though there are people who have had the problem before, and though explanations of a sort have been offered them, I can't figure out how the hell to do any of the proposed solutions. Technological ineptness scores another one. I'm hoping it will come back after I shut down and reboot, but suspect the hope will be vain. As this feature is one of the main reasons I use Opera, it may be that if it doesn't come back I'll end up switching browsers.

The heat today is predicted to be slightly less horrendous than Sunday's, and then we will get six days in a row with highs in the mere nineties before returning to triple digits. Fortunately the power has not gone out yet, and if it continues to function, the air conditioning should slow the decay of my cadaver when I die of heat stroke. I really hope that the burgeoning wildfires up and down the eastern parts of the Pacific states don't interfere with the electricity. I'd hate to leave a mess that would preclude my heirs from getting my security deposit back from the landlord.

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