rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Fourteen

Given the disruptive sleep pattern on Thursday, Friday was quite naturally weird. I never got to do the laundry I wanted to do as the tenant who left clothes in the washing machine then went away for a couple of hours, and by the time they got back the day had gotten too hot for me to be spending any tie in the laundry room. Also, I was very tired, having gotten up at three o'clock in the morning after a four hour nap. Eventually I was too tired to stay awake, and I went back to sleep sometime after noon. I don't remember exactly when, as the day got very blurry, but I know I woke up again while it was still daylight, though not long before sunset.

Once again dinner was a sandwich, as it was much too hot for cooking, or even eating anything cooked. And even spending virtually the entire day in the air conditioned apartment I'm still feeling rather heat sick. The afternoon nap was not particularly pleasant, and I'm not expecting sleep today to be any better. If I survive the next few days, there will be a semi-respite in the middle of the week, when highs will only be in the high nineties. Anticipating this weekend, though, is like listening to an air raid siren and waiting for the bombs to start falling. You know they're coming and you can't do anything about it, so you feel a combination of terror and resignation which is quite discordant.

To add to the apocalyptic feeling, the State is suffering its first big, fast-moving fire of the season, though it is a mostly unpopulated area near the Nevada border. The wind in the valley is blowing from the southeast, so Chico isn't getting any of the smoke, though the pyrocumulus cloud has been visible from parts of Butte County (I didn't see it myself.) The fire is headed east toward highway 395, a more northerly section of the same road that was blocked by rockslides in Thursday's earthquake.

I'm starting to yawn and ought to get to bed and hopefully to sleep before the sky gets any brighter.

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