rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Six

One expects the first day of July to be quite hot in these parts, and thus nobody was surprised. We are apt to continue to not be surprised throughout July. The current long range forecast continues to be mostly triple digit highs. I'm not surprised, just disappointed. A break from the heat now and then would be nice. This year it also would be a surprise. Normally I don't like surprises, but that one I would appreciate. But I don't expect to get it.

All afternoon (I woke up around two o'clock) Thursday I was thinking about doing laundry, but never got enough energy to actually do it. That laundry room is quite hellish on a hot day, and the thought of it repelled me. I ended up just watching music videos on YouTube and visiting a few other web sites. It was not exciting, but neither was it exhausting. I suspect the laundry would have been exhausting, and also not exciting.

There was a sandwich and potato salad for dinner, so only one small bowl, one spoon, one knife, and one glass to wash, which I have not actually done. I think I'll let the dishes pile up. They won't pile very fast when I'm eating only cold foods and not much of those. I can probably get away with it for several days. At some point I'll be forced to do laundry, though, lest I have nothing clean to wear after a shower. Maybe I'll just take the dishes into the shower with me, eliminating one task at least. Too bad I can't wear my dirty clothes in the shower.

There's light in the sky already, my sleep schedule being quite catawampus. One would think that I could sleep more when my life is so dull, but apparently it doesn't work that way. Boredom keeps me awake nights. And yet somehow re-reading this entry is about to put me to sleep. Maybe that's the secret. I just have to start writing earlier at night.

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