rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Four

Sitting here staring at the walls. It isn't Tuesday anymore. I fixed and ate an actual dinner, of sorts, and so far it hasn't made me sick. The cricket has been singing somewhere down the bike path, and so has the mockingbird, so the bird is neither mated nor dead. The mosquito (or whatever they were) bites on my arms have cleared up, but now I've got something itchy on my neck. This is even more annoying. I hate scratching my neck, especially the front of it. It's very sensitive, and also I get a bit squicky about it.

We're in sort of a heat valley right now, having left one hot spell behind and heading for another. It's sort of semi-cool outside tonight, and the fan and open windows are cooling the apartment, but not very much. I continue to be drained of energy, and getting to sleep is not easy even though I really look forward to being asleep. Locally, our stroke of good luck so far is that none of the fires currently burning in the region (there are three) are having any noticeable impact on our air a yet. I'm still finding it rather hard to breathe, though, most likely from the cumulative effects of years of exposure.

Damn, I'm tired, and no wonder. Look at the hour! It really sneaks up on me.

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