rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty-One, Day Two

Even with the air conditioner on it seems hotter than ordinary hot days. Those periods between cycles heat up faster, which means there isn't much time to stop thinking about the heat. It's like the heat has gotten into you brain and lodged there. I woke up Sunday feeling clammy, and there wasn't much improvement all day. Exhaustion set in early and I took an unintentional nap that ended shortly before midnight. There was no dinner, not even anything microwaved. I should probably eat something now, but don't feel like fixing anything. I munched a few chips, and maybe I'll eat an ice cream sandwich. I probably should have bought a watermelon, but I don't think it would have fit in my refrigerator.

When I woke up from the nap a lot of interesting stuff started running through my fevered head, but I've been unable to find any words to describe any of it. Words used to swarm to my thoughts like moths around a light bulb, but now they scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on. Oops, there they go now.

There was another entire thing I was going to write about but it has utterly vanished. I've been sitting here trying to dredge it up, but nothing appears. It's very strange to have your brain in a coma while you are still walking around. And I haven't even been drinking. No dinner means I didn't even have a beer. Maybe that's the problem. I'm unfueled. But I don't feel like drinking now, any more than I feel like eating. I've got some butter softened and bread that will go stale, so maybe I'll make a couple of slices of toast with apple butter. Too bad toast with apple butter doesn't go with beer.

I need to sleep again.

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