rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Forty-Five

Well I've gone and arranged transportation to go shopping this afternoon, though how I'm going to wake up and get ready in time I don't know. Thursday I didn't wake up until half past three in the afternoon. When I shop I'm usually out of here by three, but today my niece has to look in on a dog she's feeding for someone about four o'clock, so since I'd never get done with my shopping by that time we will be going some time after four, maybe half an hour or more.

It being June it won't get dark until fairly late, so maybe the later the better. I only worry about hitting rush hour traffic, which can be surprisingly heavy in Chico. Hopefully we will be past the peak hours of heat as well. Thursday it became cloudy around five o'clock, and for about an hour we even had intermittent sprinkles. I listened intently for thunder, since dry lightning had been predicted, but I heard none. People on social media report thunder in various other parts of the region, though, and some heavier rain. I even saw a brief video of rain falling in the foothills, rattling on the roof of a metal shed. While the rainfall is unlikely to be sufficient to be of much use, at least it's evidence that the stuff does still exist.

I got a couple of itchy bites, perhaps from a mosquito, on my left arm and hand last night. The one on my arm is still itchy and has grown larger. This make me wonder if it wasn't a spider that bit me there. Mosquito bites usually fade after a few hours. So many volunteer plants have cropped up in the back yard this year that it's practically a jungle. There's no telling for sure what all might be living out there. The butterflies are sure loving all the blossoms, though. But then some of those plants probably contributed my bad allergy season.

It's getting very late again and I really should be winding down to get to sleep. After tonight the nights are going to start getting much warmer, and that string of ten days with triple digit highs is still in the forecast. I'm not enjoying Hell anywhere near as much as I'd expected I would. Next time I die I'm aiming for Purgatory.

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