rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Forty-Four

Now that summer is here the days are no longer getting shorter, but somehow they seem to be to me. I only just now realized how late it is. While I didn't get up until three o'clock Wednesday afternoon, it still seems like it should only be about four in the morning right now. Where did the night go? I never get to sleep before the sun comes up anymore. Another reason to be eager for autumn to get here.

There was a report of possible dry lightning coming up in the next few days. That was what touched of the enormous fires of the 2020 season, which was the worst in the state's history, as far as acreage consumed goes. But there was more water around in 2020, which had been a pretty good winter. The firefighting aircraft that scoop up water from the reservoirs might find the task more difficult this year. Lake Oroville is so low that rocks that are usually entirely submerged are now poking out of the surface far out into the lake. We really need a very wet winter in 2022. But dry years are more likely to be followed by another dry year than by a wet one. Odds of an apocalypse this year: pretty good. Odds of one next year: excellent.

The local mockingbird is apparently unaware of all this. He has done quite a bit of singing during this break in the heat. Ignorance is bliss. The closest I'll get to bliss is likely to be when I get to sleep, which I hope to do very soon. Have a nice day, and if you live in Chico try not to wake me up.

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