rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Forty-Three

Lots of things got delayed Tuesday, the most recent of them being this entry, due to my having forgotten to recharge my phone which led to loss of Internet. That's the third time I've done that recently. Now my sleep is being delayed as a consequence of the posting delay.

Anyway. Even though it's gotten cooler I still don't feel like cooking, or even much like eating, so I just snacked all day. I had popcorn and cookies and almonds. The interesting thing about eating almonds in Chico is that there's a pretty good chance that they were grown within a few miles of your dwelling. The interesting thing about living in this part of Chico is that this neighborhood used to be an almond orchard, so there's a high probability that some of the almonds I ate when I was a kid were grown on the very spot on which my apartment is now located.

This is the sort of thought that occupies my brain when I get tired. I wonder if eating almonds grown in Chico has made me dumb? That would explain why I so frequently let my phone battery die. It might also explain why I turned on the fan to cool the apartment but forgot to open any windows to hasten the process. Now I will have to accelerate the cooling with the air conditioner. I did that Tuesday morning, and then forgot to reset the thermostat before I went to sleep, so I woke up with a cold draft blowing on my head, which must have been happening off and on all morning, which gave me a headache for much of the afternoon. I'll try not to do that again. Being dumb and tired won't make that easy.

So sleepy all of a sudden.

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