rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Forty-Two

Although Monday was ten degrees cooler (or more accurately less hot) than Sunday, it didn't really feel cooler outdoors until after nightfall. Then it cooled quite rapidly, and by midnight was very pleasant. The apartment has lagged behind, even with fan on and windows open, and it's only gotten down to 74 in here. I think I'll have to do a bit of air conditioning before I go to sleep. My energy has also lagged, so I've done little all night, but now for some reason I'm feeling as though somebody slipped me a dose of caffeine. I haven't had anything to drink but beer and water, but my brain seems to think I'm just about to go for a ten mile run. Weird. My body is telling my brain to shut the hell up and go to sleep, and I'm taking its side. It will be interesting to see who wins.

The extraordinarily bad news is tat the long range forecast is now showing eleven straight days with triple digit highs beginning Saturday, the first seven of them with nocturnal lows above 70. I'm quite seriously bummed. I barely made it through last week. How do I get through this? Maybe that's why my brain just went active. It's in a sheer panic. Well, at least today will be a mere 92, and tonight will get down to 64, and then there will be three similar days and nights before the blazing shit hits the fan.

A couple of hours ago I thought I was rescuing a crane fly from my bathroom sink, and it wasn't until after I got it up onto the counter by letting it crawl onto my arm that I realized it wasn't a crane fly but a daddy longlegs spider. I hope that at least earned me some points with spider-kind. And I am in dire need of new glasses.

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