rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Forty-One

The longest day of the year is over, and tonight the low will be below seventy for the first time in a week. Today will be hot, but not as hot as Sunday was. There is some possibility that sleeping will be close to comfortable tonight. It hasn't been for a while. My memory is not very clear. I remember there was a fire for a couple of days, and I think maybe my brain got oxygen deprived and all sorts of stuff fell out of it. Or maybe I dreamed that. I don't think I've been feeling very well anyway. I might have forgotten to eat dinner. There's a bottle of sparkling water on the table and it's about half full but has already gotten warm, so it must have been there a long time. Maybe I've been unintentionally napping. Anyway it's evidence that I haven't been paying attention. I should probably go to sleep. Maybe things will be clearer when I wake up. Maybe I'll wake up.

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