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Reset Twenty, Day Thirty-Nine [Jun. 19th, 2021|04:04 am]
Friday came and went and I survived again! Chico survived, too. The fire that got started in the park Thursday evening has so far remained mostly in the park, though about 400 acres of that got burned. The shifting wind sent the smoke away from the town, and though it returned for a while this evening it was much diminished. It smells less like wood and more like manzanita tonight, and sometimes I can hardly smell it at all. I've been able to turn on the fan and take advantage of the 71-degree temperature to cool the apartment just a bit. Sleeping was not at all enjoyable Friday morning and was frequently interrupted by the draft from the air conditioner. It might stay off for a few hours today.

Though I waited until half an hour after sunset to go out and check the mailbox Friday evening it was still so hot that even that slight exertion left me sweaty and short of breath. The extreme heat warning has now been extended until Sunday night. I'll be glad when this heat wave is over, though not very glad and not for long, as it's still going to be pretty hot, and the long range forecast is showing another string of triple digit highs for the last six days of June and the first two days of July. Even worse, the nocturnal lows are going to be in the seventies. This is shaping up to be a most unpleasant summer. There's not much chance that this will change, either.

Dinner was cream cheese on toast, and I regretted the heat from the toasting, but the bread is getting old and it had to be done. I also regret not having gotten a melon of some sort when my niece went shopping for me. I haven't seen any casabas (my favorite) in the stores this year, but there have been crenshaws, which are a decent substitute. They are rather expensive, but under the circumstances probably worth it. A nice slice of chilled melon can do much to compensate for the heat. I must remember to put one on my list for the next shopping trip.

As I didn't get up until two o'clock Friday afternoon it might be difficult for me to get to sleep tonight. I haven't felt my usual evening drowsiness, and I'm actually feeling a bit antsy right now. I should probably turn off the computer and try to calm down a bit before the morning light arrives. A bit of reading on paper might bring on some drowsiness. It would help if the room would get just a bit cooler. Maybe I'll splurge on electricity and let the air conditioner get it down to seventy, then turn it off. Like the melon, that might be worth it too.