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Reset Twenty, Day Thirty-Seven [Jun. 17th, 2021|05:08 am]
I survived Wednesday! It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't fatal. Four worse days are coming up, and three bad nights, but tonight did manage to cool off a bit. The lone cricket is chirping, and I remembered to water the plants in the back yard, so the mild air is faintly scented with dampness. I'm not expecting the apartment to cool off enough to make sleeping enjoyable, but it probably won't yet be impossible. By Saturday night I might be needing utter exhaustion in order to achieve any degree of unconsciousness. But perhaps I'll get lucky and a burglar will break in and knock me over the head with a sap.

If I survive the entire upcoming heat wave, I'm thinking I should go shopping myself next week. Next Monday will be six weeks since I've been out, and the following Friday might make a good shopping day, if they have anything decent on sale. And if my brain is still working after the frying it's taking these days. If only the world outside were as foggy as my head feels tonight! But I am feeling a bit sleepy, which is a good sign, so maybe I should just head for the bedroom, even though it's still warm in here. Maybe I can convince myself I'm lying on a beach on a lazy summer afternoon and doze off.