rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Extreme Web Weirdness.

The other day, I posted a link to the Something Awful site, where there is a fake movie poster for a non-existant movie about LiveJournal. I posted a link to the page, on which there were several fake posters for several non-existant movies. I also posted a link to a page with the LJ poster alone. I just checked that second link, and lucky I did, because the poster is no longer there (although the page with the group of posters is.) Instead of the poster, I saw something I couldn't quite figure out for a moment. Then I realized what it was. It was the head of an ejaculating penis blown up to about 30 times its normal size. Well. Isn't that special? Not that I am personally shocked, or anything, but it isn't the sort of thing to which I would normally link in my journal. Well, maybe in a post to a particular filter of my friends. (Heh.) But not in a public post! I have no idea what the hell happened, since the other page with the poster on it is still there, and the link to the poster alone worked fine last night. Anyway, If anyone happened across the post after the link morphed into the unexpected, and were shocked by what they saw, my apologies. The link has been removed from the post. If anyone wants to see a giant penis head, leave a comment here and I'll post the link in a special friend group, or in a comment in your journal, or e-mail it to you. You'd better hurry, though. I have a suspicion that this link changes into something new every day.

Update: I just tried the link again, and now it has returned to the proper page, which is the poster. What the....? Well, okay, I will re-post the link here, with this warning- it might be an amusing poster, and it might be a giant peckerhead. Click at your own risk!

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