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Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Five [Jun. 5th, 2021|05:17 am]
Roofers were here again on Friday, of course, threatening to crash through my ceiling and crush me in my bed, as roofers (I hear) are wont to do. I survived, thanks to the uncommon strength of the beams, and to the fact that the roofers themselves were, as I believe I noted in an earlier entry, a bit on the scrawny side. But I'm sure it was a close thing.

Today being Saturday I suspect I won't be subjected to such goings on, nor will I on Sunday, but Monday, who knows? The roofing has ben going on for two weeks now, but perhaps this building is bigger on the outside than the inside— an anti-Tardis, as it were— and the roofing might go on forever. I sincerely hope the whole dismal process is over, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

My intention to arrange for my niece to pick up a few items for me remained unfulfilled Friday, due to my forgetful muddle-headedness. The same forgetfulness led me to leave the fan off tonight, so the apartment hasn't cooled off. The sky is already turning pale in the east, so there isn't much time to catch up. I've missed at least three hours of prime cooling time. I wonder if my brain will ever grow back? Probably not. Certainly not, if I keep letting it get overheated like this.