rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Twenty-Four

Thursday I managed to get to sleep not too long after dawn, but then the roofers returned yet again and woke me up several times over the next few hours. They seemed to be working mostly at the front of the building, but they still had their dumpster parked right outside my window, which it must be in order not to block any of the parking spaces for the other tenants. They would drag old roofing across my room and toss it off into the dumpster. I don't know how much more work they have to do, but I'm hoping that at least they have all the old stuff off and won't be doing any tossing if they come back again today.

A plan took shape in what remains of my mind to have my niece pick up a few items that are on sale at one of the supermarkets today, but Thursday's sleep disruption led me to nap at an inopportune time that evening, and when I woke it was too late to call. I'll call later today, but it will probably be insufficient lead time for her to make the run until Saturday. It's going to be 100 degrees today anyway, and a mere 97 on Saturday. Next week there are supposed to be a couple of days in the low eighties! Almost as cool as it should be in June!

Despite the unintended nap Thursday evening I'm feeling quite tired, and want to get to sleep as soon as possible. I'm expecting the roofers will turn up again today, just because reality is being tedious. I don't expect to feel good anymore, but it would be nice to feel les bad for a day or two. Maybe that will happen on those two not too hideously hot days next week. Today, I fear, is doomed to be more sultry, exhausting crap.

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