rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Twenty

Sunday's heat utterly exhausted me, and today and tomorrow will be hotter. It's so bad in here tonight that I just caved and turned on the air conditioner. The thermometer only said it was 77, but it felt much hotter. I'm not sure how I got through the day, which is now mostly a blur, but I'm not sure I'll get through the next two at all. I feel totally baked, and not in a good way.

The fistula of my gum abscess began draining not long after I went to bed Sunday morning, and I used several tissues to help sop it up, and after another good salt water rinse I went to sleep with a pile of tissues under my face, just in case
I started leaking. I didn't leak, but when I got up Sunday afternoon I found that my bite was back to normal and I no longer suffered intense pain when trying to chew. As I don't know if the abscess has drained completely (I don't think it has) I'm still eating only soft foods and being very careful while chewing them. My jaw still feels sore, so I think I'll still have to see a dentist. Something is not entirely right.

I hope I've remembered how to do a mid-page LJ cut, as I don't feel like hunting down the FAQ for it after all these years. If it didn't work, my apologies to all who might have been skeeved out.

There has still been no replenishment of my dwindling beer supply, and probably won't be for the next few days, as I'm reluctant to ask anyone to go out into this heat to pick some up for me. I'm making do with some Tecate and some sparkling water, which is about as strong as Tecate but better tasting. Right now I'm drinking the water, and enjoying the draft from the air conditioner, and shortly I will go lie on the bed and see if sleep is yet possible. I might be overtired.

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