rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Eighteen

So the roofers were not done. They turned up early Friday morning and set up their rackety compressor not twenty feet from my window, and as my toothache had kept me awake until then the added stress left me almost frantic. I even fantasized about setting fore to the infernal machine, just to get some quiet. They finally knocked off a bit after noon, and I was able to get a fitful afternoon nap after downing a few aspirin. The Orajel was a complete failure. All it did was make one side of my mouth numb and cause me to drool.

I intended to call my brother for a dentist recommendation, but somehow my fried brain wouldn't cooperate with me. It was about as miserable a day as I've had in years, and I've had a lot of miserable days. Not only was the toothache fairly relentless, but I felt nauseated all day. I got hungry, but the dental issue wouldn't let me chew anything, so eventually I just ate some peanut butter from a spoon along with a bit of butter to help it go down. I'm still pretty miserable, and very tired, so I'll be getting to bed soon, though it's probably going to stay hot in here for quite a while yet. Oddly, earlier when the thermometer was saying it was 78 degrees in here I felt chilly, but now that it's down to 75 I feel hot. Apparently something's gone wrong with my body's temperature mechanism. Well, why not? Everything else seems to be going crazy too.

Oh look, I nodded off at the computer again. Very tired indeed.

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