rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Sixteen

The roofers arrived before I got to bed Wednesday, and though I was able to get some sleep while they were clomping about on the roof, after a couple of hours they fired up a an incredibly noisy compressor to power their nail guns, and that kept waking me up. It also gave me some every weird dreams involving riding around in cars (some of my least favorite dream activities) and then a scene with a number of strangers in a restaurant where I had been abandoned. It was all very creepy and distressing, but more bizarre then full-on nightmarish. I suppose I can look forward to more such dreams while the roofing continues. I can tell by bits of material sticking over the edges of the eaves that they'll be back today.

There was a pretty decent avocado, from which I made a sandwich, for dinner, and the last piece of cheesecake for dessert. There was also my second-to-last bottle of porter. All I have remaining is one bottle of porter, one bottle of ale, one battle of stout, and three bottles of a not very appealing lager, plus quite a bit of Tecate in cans. I hate falling back on the Tecate, which I originally bought for lunch beer, but I haven't been eating lunch recently so there's quite a bit of it. I do need to find somebody to fetch me some porter, or a decent substitute for it. Soon.

The lonely mockingbird is still singing, making the night plaintive, though with oddly cheerful songs. It's very confusing, and thus suits my mood. I don't think the apartment will cool off enough tonight, and thus today will likely be the day when I have to turn on the air conditioner. I was hoping it could be put off until June, but that doesn't look like it can happen this year. And my brain already fried. It couldn't take any more cooking.

Popcorn for a bedtime snack, an I hope for at least four hours of sleep before the roofers return. Oh, summer, you are so not what I want right now.

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