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Reset Twenty, Day Fourteen [May. 25th, 2021|12:54 am]
Monday brought an unwelcome surprise. When the roofers left last Friday after three days of racket, I thought it was over. Monday I was awakened by a loud banging that I at first thought was the neighbor driving a nail to hang something on the wall, but I soon realized it was coming from the roof. They were back. Apparently it takes more than three days to roof a building this size. How many more days I don't know, but the material sticking over the edge of the eves when they left Monday afternoon indicates that they will be back again today. The timing is wretched. I am hoping to be awake early Wednesday morning to see what I can of the lunar eclipse, but if I don't get enough sleep Tuesday I might end up sleeping through eclipse time, and even if I don't, the experience will be followed by that unwelcome racket on the roof a few hours later.

I'm short of seep right now, and sitting here nodding off at the computer. It's still terribly warm in here tonight. Every few minutes I wake up enough to type another line or two, but I'll have to go to bed soon. If I get to sleep soon, and manage to sleep through the night, I'll have maybe even hours before the noise wakes me up in the morning. What I'll do the next night when I want to be awake for the eclipse I don't know. At the moment I'm re-listening to tonight's relaxing nostalgia song, Double's (Kurt Maloo) "The Captain of Her Heart." It might get me to sleep.