rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Eleven

My expectation of a quiet morning of sleep Friday came to naught when the roofers returned for a third day. The clomping overhead woke me not long after eight o'clock, when I'd been asleep for less than three hours. It didn't go on as long as it did on Wednesday and Thursday, and I did manage to sort of sleep through it, though noise woke me a few more times. They were gone when another noise woke me again just after noon. That was the result of a large machine running somewhere nearby, and I never did find out what it was. That racket ended not long after I'd given up on getting any more sleep and had dragged myself into the kitchen for something breakfast-like.

Late that afternoon the clouds grew heavy and for a while there were random raindrops falling. It wasn't really enough to call it a sprinkle, though I briefly held out hope for a sun shower. Alas, it was not to be. The clouds thinned again, and full sun tried to make up for lost heating time, but it was too late, the day ended with cool breezes which have continued off and on all night. If we get any stray raindrops today, which is unlikely, they are apt to vanish as they hit the ground, since the high going to be eighty degrees. Goodbye, little springlet. You had the life of a mayfly.

I don't know if it was the roofer's noise or not, but something triggered a dream Friday morning and I actually remembered some of it. I was in my unburned house in Paradise, and we were selling it. I was standing near the front door greeting potential buyers and their real estate agents as they came through. My cats had all been moved to my new place off the mountain. I had a sense of well-being that I haven't actually felt since, well, decades ago, before I came to Butte County. Waking up from that feeling made me especially sad. Maybe that's why I so seldom remember my dreams. They are better than my actual life.

Arrangements have been made for the acquisition of beer and donuts this afternoon. That will make some slight improvement in real life, for a while. A good morning of undisturbed sleep would help too.

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