rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Ten

Roofers came back Thursday morning and made noise until shortly after noon. I figured I'd go back to sleep then and wake up after three o'clock, but I couldn't, so I finally gave up and got out of bed a bit after one o'clock. That led to a sluggish afternoon, followed by an evening nap that ended about half past ten. Since then I've been sort of awake, but not very, and I ended up making tuna sandwiches for dinner. Or "dinner." So the landlord has had the septic tank pumped, and gotten the roof fixed, so the last big disruption likely will be repaving the parking area. This had been planned for last year, but got delayed. I suppose it will happen at the peak of the summer heat, and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Thursday brought me a lot of sneezing, which has continued tonight. I guess the wind has been stirring up the pollen. The mild days and cool nights have been delightful, and I will miss them. Today will be 75, but Saturday will nudge 80, though the cool nights will continue for another week or so, then start to warm up as the days grow hotter. The forecast has the first triple digit high scheduled for June 1. It won't be long before the horrors of s central valley summer are upon us.

I'd intended to call my niece to see about getting some beer and donuts today, but then I fell asleep and when I woke up it seemed too late to be calling, so I will call this afternoon and it will probably be Saturday before I get them. That's okay, though. As long as I get to obsess over such trivialities I don't have to think about anything actually important. That is such a relief.

Now I'm going to sit in the back yard for a while before going to bed. The freeway will be quiet for a while yet, and I'll be able to listen to the breeze in the spring leaves, and maybe the nocturnal mockingbird. Then I can sleep through the morning without guys tromping all over the roof. That will also be a relief.

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