rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Nine

As expected, the roofers came early Wednesday morning and spent most of the day making lots of noise. I still managed to sleep, part of the time, and with many interruptions, but didn't get up until half past three in the afternoon. I'd originally gotten to sleep sometime after five, and probably got about seven hours of sleep altogether, but it wasn't very restful. The clomping around on the roof wasn't too bad, as I just pretended it was bears, but there was some machinery involved part of the time, and that part I really hated. I don't know if they finished the entire job, or will be back today. They did take away the dumpster that they had parked in the driveway right outside my bedroom window.

A breeze has come up tonight, and today is supposed to be quite windy as well as rather mild, with a high of only seventy degrees. Two more days in the seventies, though a bit warmer, will finish the week, and then the heat will be back. There were some quite lovely clouds late Wednesday afternoon and into the evening. There might be a few tomorrow. The really bad weather seems to have gone east this week. But I'm sure it will come back soon enough.

I plan on asking my niece to pick up some beer for me, and some donuts, maybe on Friday. Thinking ahead any farther than that is like trying to find an ending for this sentence, which probably....

Moments ago I was at YouTube picking out some background writing music, and the algorithm recommended an old Carmen McRae record from 1958. It turns out it was just uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and I was the first person to watch it. I had a copy of this recording on one of her compilation albums, and it was always a favorite, though quite unlike the moodier songs of hers that I usually prefer. It's a song about an airliner! It was written in 1945 by bandleader Charlie Barnet, and was the theme song of an Armed Forces Radio Network show broadcast from newly-occupied Munich. It's full of the exuberant optimism of that period, and it's strange to hear it now in this much different time, but I still enjoy it even though it reminds me that I've perhaps outlived the world into which I was born... or at least its illusions.


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