rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Eight

I just had some sort of catawampusness with LJ, and it has me very confused. I'm not sure this will post. I was logged in and suddenly when I opened another page I wasn't. I tried to log in again and it told me my password was obsolete. I don't remember changing my password, so I clicked the "lost password" box and they sent me a link for changing it. I clicked on the link in that and selected a new password at the page it sent me to, and got an error message saying that the URL I was using to reset the password appeared to be invalid. I tried clicking the link again and got the same error message. Then I got an email saying that my password had been changed.

This is the point where it gets especially confusing. I had about a dozen tabs open to various LJ pages by then, and sort of lost track of what I was doing. I can't remember if I logged in with the reset password that had been apparently rejected (or maybe not, since I got that second email) or if I just found myself logged in again. In any case, I am logged in at the moment, but I don't trust it anymore. Maybe this will post and maybe it won't. It doesn't help that I'm short of sleep, and even more muddled than usual. Anyway, something went wrong with their system, and since I've sort of been expecting that to happen eventually I'm more gun shy about it than than ever. I'm too old for this shit.

Anyway, the roofers never showed up Tuesday, so I suppose they'll show up today. I don't know. Nobody tells me things. I am enjoying the cool night breeze, and the mockingbird is still being nocturnal. I'm glad to have the company. And I hope LJ's craziness is over.

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