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Reset Twenty, Day Seven [May. 18th, 2021|04:17 am]
Monday I stayed in bed dozing for an hour or so after I woke up. I just couldn't think of a reason to get up. This is another one of the things I used to do when I was a kid that I've started doing again. I lie in bed thinking about sad things and things that worry me. When I was a kid I had to get up to go to school most of the year, but in summer and on weekends and holidays it was impossible for me to drag myself out of bed, because there were so many sad and worrisome things to be not dealt with. This is one of the reasons they call senile dementia the second childhood.

Once I did drag myself out of bed Monday I was caught up in the mad whirl of boredom, and soon found myself exhausted by its relentless demands. There was a bad substitute donut to be eaten, and email to be checked, and dishes from the previous night to be washed, and the wheelie bin to be taken out to the street, and then dinner to be microwaved. I'll never know how I survived. In fact I can't prove that I did, since I continued to feel pretty close to dead all evening.

Today of course is likely to be very different, because the roofers are coming this morning and there will be clomping and banging right over my head, and I will be unable to sleep or even fitfully doze. Well, maybe if they start at the front of the building and work their way back I will, at least for a while, but I suspect they'll start at this end and leave the two-story section for last. I just get that feeling. Because the other way would be lucky for me, and I've been shit out of luck for quite some time.

We will be returning to less than sultry weather for a few days starting tomorrow, and I'm glad for the respite. Those hot days last week made me miserable. Now the misery (or at least the heat-based part of it) won't be back until the weekend, and the really super misery won't arrive until near the end of the month, when highs will come within nudging distance of triple digits. Something more to worry and be sad about next time I get a chance to not get up.

Now I'm yawning. Maybe I can get at least a couple of hours of sleep before the roofers rudely awaken me. I'm not expecting to relish this day. I think I forgot to buy relish anyway.