rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twenty, Day Two

Wednesday's disruption was brought to me by Maytag. I washed the first of three loads of laundry, and after the second load was in the washer I pushed the button to start the dryer and... nothing. I called the apartment manager who said he'd be over in the morning to look at it. In the meantime I had wet laundry, and more getting wet, so I called my brother and he came over and took the wet stuff and the unwashed third load to finish at his house. He called at ten to say it was done and to call back if I needed the stuff tonight, but I was outside and didn't hear the phone, and didn't discover the missed call notice until half past ten, which was really too late to call back. I don't need the stuff tonight anyway, but now I've got one and maybe two disruptions already set up for tomorrow morning, so I expect my sleep is bound to be ruined. Thanks, Maytag.

Today is supposed to be a full degree cooler than Wednesday was, so horribly hot again. I was practically fainting on my way to and from the laundry room, which is only fifty feet or so from my front door, but the entire trip is in full, unshaded sun and across blazing asphalt. The backyard, being shaded, was less unpleasant, but I still didn't spend much time out there until evening when it got warmer indoors than out. The hotter the days get, the long it takes the apartment to cool off after I turn the fan on and open the windows. Yesterday it only got down to 71 by dawn, and right now it's still at 75. Its going to be hard to get to sleep.

Last time I was outside I heard the mockingbird singing, so he must still be unmated. I also heard a strange noise from a vehicle passing on the freeway. It sounded like a giant bicycle with a giant playing card in its spokes. Kids in my neighborhood used to cards in their bicycle wheels to make them sound like motors. The don't sound like motors, really, but we used to pretend they did. That thing on the freeway didn't sound like a motor either, but it must have been. Maybe our childhood pretense is coming true at last.

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