rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rest Twenty, Day One

Maybe it was all the unaccustomed walking I did Monday, but I was rudely awakened Tuesday afternoon by a terrible cramp in my left leg, and it took so long to walk it off that, by the time it was sufficiently diminished that I could lie down again, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I was about two hours short of sleep all day, and came close to crashing before I fixed dinner, but managed to wake myself up enough to cook something and eat it, only not enough that I could wash the dishes, so I'll have those to do tomorrow. My leg is still sore from the cramp. Some days it just doesn't pay to get up or stay in bed.

It was terribly hot, of course, and today will be even more terribly hot, though I'm sure days more terribly hot yet are still ahead this summer. For now a cool night brings relief, and by dawn the apartment should be almost comfortable. Happier news is that I didn't sneeze very much Tuesday, so we are enjoying at least an interregnum in the pollen plague. Also, I saw only one of those little fruit flies in the apartment all day. It tried to drown itself in my beer, but I rescued it and then crushed it. Life is cruel.

When I first got a CD player (oh going on thirty years ago) I decided that the best way to build a quick CD collection was to order a bunch of samplers, which were pretty common then and very cheap, often free except for shipping charges. One of the ones I got was from a label called DMP. It was mostly a jazz/fusion label, and the sampler that year had an unusual piece of music by the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble, which had a sound dominated by steel drums. The track was called The Songlines, and despite the instrumentation it was surprisingly relaxing. It became one of my favorites, and when the CD (along with everything else) burned in my house two years ago I looked for it on YouTube. There was a live version of it, with rather poor sound, but I couldn't find the original. But someone uploaded the track from the original CD last October, and I stumbled across it tonight. For me it's 7:35 of delight, and though it's surely not to everyone's taste, maybe some of my readers will like it too.

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